Learning English, a great screen activity that will develop language skills of your kid.

Oct 19, 2016
First of all I would like to thank KIDLOLAND app for the opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful and easy way to learn English app, for our preschooler. All the information mentioned above, is my own.

As all of you know, I don't really like any of screen activities, and I always try our kid to learn by discovering and not by watching TV. I use a lot printables for educational activities, our daddy plays a lot with our preschooler developing his gross motor skills, Damian as well is taking some extra activities out of class hours... and it is wonderful to see how our kid develops his abilities and skills doing so many things and being happy. Then there is a quiet simple thing, we parents, having another baby, are getting tired as well, sometimes. We need our 5 minutes...hmmm or more to relax. And on this moments screen activity helps you a lot. Till now, we have used youtube videos, but we have noticed that our kid likes to navigate through some not very useful channels, and this 5 minutes of silence becomes 5 minutes of total control to the things he is watching. Did it happened to you as well? So, we thought that an educational app will help us with this problem, and we will enjoy all together the 5 minutes of silence.

There are plenty of apps to be used, and for sure you already use your own one, that you like and your kid enjoy. But, let me share with you some interesting things why I like this app and not another one, and you will decide if you agree or disagree with me.

1. I like Kidloland app for the simple fact that it has in it all ENGLISH songs that our preschooler used to listen on youtube, Nursery Rhymes like "Old Macdonalds has a farm" "Twinkle, twinkle" "Itsy Bitsy Spider" "London Bridge" etc, all the songs in one place, and you don't need an internet connection. Only for the first time you use it, as you need to connect to their server.

2. For almost a month we began to learn Russian letters and I find this as a difficult step for me, as I want my preschooler to learn it in an interactive way, and living in Barcelona I just can look for ideas on the internet. So, this app is great for learning English letters in an easy way with ABC songs and Phonetics games.

3. The other great point is, this app includes all the fruits, vegetables, cars, animal sound, birds, vegetables, shapes and our kiddo can learn new words easy.

4. Number, months of the year and colors he can learn within a game. What can be more interactive.

5. So, all in one,  just a big help for those mums who want their kiddo to learn easily English language in an very interactive way.

I think that we can already plan a long journey with the car, as for sure our kid won't get bored with this app.

If I opened you an interest to the app, Kidloland app and me propose you to participate on a giveaway. Go to our Happy Mama Secrets page and follow the steps to get a 3 months  subscription for FREE.

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